Resin Amethyst Door Pull

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Revitalize your doorways with our exclusive and brilliant array of resin stone door knobs! These vibrant and electric handles will instantly add personality to any entrance!

Your door knobs have never looked so gorgeous!!  

This gorgeous replica is modeled after a small raw Amethyst stone and is super lightweight with so much definition.

Color from bottom to top: Magenta/Gold/Bronze mix, Violet, Turquoise, Ocean Blue mix, YBD Yellow, Lime Green, Pearl, Berry, Caribbean Blue.

Knob will appear as satin nickel or black finish, and will be visible when installed. Knob may also be different in size and shape from example show. Please note, if more than one is purchased, your knobs will be the same.

Knob: 1'1 inches

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Please allow 3 days for the creation process for your order.