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Lily/Rose/Lavender Dish
Lily/Rose/Lavender Dish

Lily/Rose/Lavender Dish


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How cute is the handmade Lily, Rose and Lavender soap dish?!?!? Picture this durable soap dish either in your bathroom or kitchen.   

Don't want to use it as a soap dish? That's quite alright! Think of it as trinket holder, jewelry holder or even as a coin holder. The choice is yours. 

Keep in mind, no one dish is the same. Number of flowers/petals may vary from one dish to another. 

Slight imperfections may be seen.

Measurement: 5.9 X 3.5 X 0.7inch

For easy cleaning, clean with warm water and soap.  Be careful not to use  anything abrasive.

For mulitple orders or items out of stock, please allow an extra 3 days for the creation processing.