Forget Me Not Dish
Forget Me Not Dish
Forget Me Not Dish

Forget Me Not Dish

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How cute is the handmade Forget Me Not soap dish?!?!? Picture this durable soap dish either in your bathroom or kitchen.   

Don't want to use it as a soap dish? That's quite alright! Think of it as trinket holder, jewelry holder or even as a coin holder. The choice is yours. 

Keep in mind, no one dish is the same. Number of flowers may vary from one dish to another. 

Slight imperfections may be seen.

Measurement: 5.9 X 3.5 X 0.7inch

For easy cleaning, clean with warm water and soap.  Be careful not to use  anything abrasive.

For mulitple orders or items out of stock, please allow an extra 3 days for the creation processing.