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Ah Doh Business Aroma Beads

Ah Doh Business Aroma Beads


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Fall in love with our Aroma Beads Line!

You will asboslutely become enamored with our Aroma Bead line. Each packet consists of 4 ounces of aromatic beads that are combined with either beautiful flower petals and/or dried fruit depending on the fragrance type. 

Ah Doh Business Fragrance Oil Notes:  Lemon, Lime & Basil

Flower petals: N/A

Fruit: Dried limes

Please note: Fruit and flowers are used as garnishes and should not be consumed. 

To use: Place the organza/linen bag eitther in a corner of a your clothes drawer, bathroom, car or hang on a clothes rod.

Place in small area for best results. Avoid direct sunlight.

Not for consumption or bath

Fragrance will last up to 4 weeks. 

Props not included