Spice Suite Popup Inventory

Pre-order shopping: 8/25/20- 9/7/20

Hey good people! 

For the reopening of the Spice Suite, after we have all had to endure a very trying year due to Covid-19, my goal is to move smarter and in a way that would be beneficial to you all and myself.  I want us all to be healthy and enjoying life for a long time.  Many are concerned with spending so much time in one spot, myself included, but this is my way of combating those fears.

The new reality we live has forced many to pivot, but in a good way! 

To elminate the amount of time you spend in one place, I've curated boxes so that if you're new to YellowBagesigns you would have an opportunity to try most products in one or more of these dope box sets. 

A few things to note: 

  • There will be a Spice Suite local pickup option at checkout
  • My pop up schedule at the Spice Suite is every 2nd and 3rd Saturday.  If for any reason, a schedule conflict arises, I will work with you to have your items shipped immediately or schedule another Spice Suite pick up. 
  • Feel free to check out other items on the site for pick up at the Spice Suite every 2nd and 3rd Saturday.  These boxes are just a suggestion.
  • Be sure to check back periodically to see which items will be added for future pop up events.