Entrepreneur Circle

I think it's important to support other small business owners who put themselves and their work out to the masses while bearing a piece of their soul.  

Hopefully you will find their work just as beautiful as I do!  

Check back periodically to see who has been added 😉



David Matteo - Author - Poetry

Humans are as unpredictable as the elements. Earth, Air, Water, and Fire - the same elements that are vital to our lives also have the ability to kill us. Our desperate search to find our place, to understand our purpose and to find love, can be both exhilarating and deeply painful. Through a collection of poetry, one man examines the meaning of his experiences and how each occurrence was necessary to advance his path of self-discovery. He realizes that only by surrendering control, he acquires the strength to overcome the suffering he's encountered in life; reinforcing the truth he knew all along: That God is in full control and with Him, there is freedom to be yourself.





Safiya Parker- Product & Services

My name is Safiya Parker and my IG platform is @savewithsafiya where I refine lifelong bills that helps you redirect money in the short-term to build wealth for the long-term. When we help save you on your bills you also support feeding a hungry child. Let's save money and lives!






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