What's Your Scent Family

Without us knowing, we natural gravitate toward scents that mesh well with our natural body chemistry.  One scent can smell entirely different from one person to the next.  Fragrances are categorized into 4 categories as you will see below and within those family groups you will find sub families broken down a little bit more to help you better understand the notes.  

To also help, I added some fragrances that can be found throughout the site and may be found in the Monthly Scent Box.  The entire fragrance wheel


Sub Families:

  • Fruity (sweet),
  • Floral (fresh flower smells)
  • Soft Floral (soft and powdery)
  • Floral Oriental (florals with spice notes) 

Oriental Floral: 

Sub Families: 

  • Soft Oriental (floral with warm spices)
  • Oriental (warm notes like musk or cinnamon),
  • Woody Oriental (think patchouli or sandalwood with spicy and sweet notes)


Sub Families: 

  • Woods (cedadwood & sandalwood),
  • Mossy Woods (sweet earty scents like oakmoss and amber),
  • Dry Woods (think leather or smoky scents) 


Sub Families: 

  • Aromatic (clean and fresh herbs mix)
  • Citrus (orange, bergamot, mandarin)
  • Water and Green (think cut grass)



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