About Me

Hey good people! I'm Jamila and I’m the owner /designer of YellowBagDesigns.

I am a woman who smiles at bright colors,  unique items, and dogs sticking their head out the window living their best life. Haha

How it all started....in elementary school, I was given a pencil, a piece of paper, and was told to draw whatever came to mind. This was all done with my eyes closed while listening to classical music.  The teacher’s voice ever so softly said, “let the pencil go where it needs to go”.

In the end, as you can imagine, the picture was a massive glob of odd shapes. I thought to myself, “what was that for?” In the very next moment, she handed us crayons, and it all became very clear. We were instructed to fill in the void with different colors and the classroom erupted into pure joy.

Our massive glob then became abstract art!  

This event in my life later became known as part of the catalyst to my jewelry and home decor designs. I let my hands and imagination go to that place for discovery of new designs. I create one-a-kind pieces as well as replica pieces that I hope will grab your attention as a stand out piece.  I also hope that while you’re here, you’ll come to love and admire a piece that you absolutely have to have. 

From my heart to yours, happy searching!!


Now go and Be Bold, Be You & Be Happy!!

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