Relax & Enjoy Being Home

There are two worlds. One where individuals enjoy the limelight, being engulfed by loud music, fun drinks, games, and catching up with friends and family. On the other hand, there are individuals who although may enjoy the robust lifestyle, also enjoys finding peace at home. Your home is an extension of your personality. A place for freedom. To walk around naked if you so choose with a wine glass in hand or curled up to a good book, catching up on your favorite sci-fi or criminal t.v shows.

Whether you fall in the first or second category, add pieces to your home that will make your "me time at home" the oasis you never have to go to a resort to find.

Add comfy pillow covers, light your favorite fragrant Issa Vibe burning oil in your Buddha Head Fragrance Wamer and relax & enjoy being home.

When your home smells good, you feel good!

  • Geraldine J.

    These scents are worth it! The quality ingredients fill all space types and last long. A little goes a long way. Buy more than one for the friend that chooses to “try” it out. Consider purchasing the oil burner as well. It’s great and fits any décor.

    Issa Vibe Burning Oil Review

    Issa Vibe Burning Oil 
  • Tara K.

    I love her incense the fragrances are one of a kind and once the incense are burnt out you still smell the fragrance. The best part is that there is no burning smoke smell!

    Incense Pack Review

    Incense Sticks 
  • Natasha C.

    I have tried almost all of the scents in the room sprays. They are all very fragrant and last long when sprayed on clothing or furniture. However, my absolute favorite are vanilla/coconut and pomegranate/sweetgrass. They both smell soooo good and are one of the most vibrant of the fragrances. They are also bomb smells!

    Room & Linen Spray Review

    Room & Linen Spray